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Profit on Purpose walks you through all the foundational aspects of being an entrepreneur. Module 1 teaches you exactly how your business makes money. You learn the rules of the game, so to say, of operating your business such that you can create the exact business and lifestyle that you want.

Module 2 has you determine who you are as an esthetician, how you’re different from the rest, and who is the exact client you want to serve.

So, once you really understand how your business operates, what you offer as an esthetician, and who would most benefit from your services, then you’re finally able to work on strategy— Module 3. You’ll develop a solid marketing strategy depending on what metrics you identify as wanting to work on based on real data. I always want you to be grounded in the reality of your business so I show you what numbers to track and how to track them.

In module 4, you assemble all of your previous work from modules 1-3 into a cohesive business plan. Business owners who create a business plan are twice as likely to hit their financial goals. I also show you how to analyze the results of the strategy you implemented from module 3, and then get right back out there to strategize anew.

Business success doesn’t happen by accident, it happens on purpose. Profit doesn’t happen by chance, it happens on purpose.

Office hours are usually Sundays or Mondays for one hour, starting any time from 11am to 3pm PST depending on the day. The schedule is posted in the course portal about a month in advance. These sessions are recorded and be made available for replay.

Honestly, I wish I had this course when I was just starting out. It really teaches you to think like an entrepreneur. Beauty school barely prepares us to be estheticians; it certainly doesn’t prepare us to be entrepreneurs.

But, that’s where I can help. I’ve been there, done that. I built a 6 figure solo practice and a multiple six figure day spa. Anyone can do it. You just have to understand the rules of the game and have a strategy to win. 😉


PoP Solo Track

This self-paced track will give you full access to my course, Profit on Purpose. It also includes weekly Office Hours where you can attend and have your questions answered by me in a group coaching setting. You will also have access to the community message board where you can post your questions and have them answered by other seasoned solo estheticians in our amazing community.


PoP Private Consulting

The Private Consulting Track was designed with the established solo estheticians in mind. You have been consistently hitting your goals and are ready to think bigger. You are ready to take that next step - I am here to help. We will work exclusively together to design a plan that will help you achieve those goals that you dare to aspire for.

Packages start at $20K and will be individualized to meet your business needs. Please take a moment to fill out this business evaluation form (coming soon) to help me develop a quote especially for you.